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RAGU is a famous Italian delicacy and. It is a meat based sauce and served with pasta. The concept of this Ragu sauce is adopted by French name ragouts. This sauce was invented in late 18th century

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About Ragu

In Italian cuisine to eat meat stews with meal is a popular tradition from ancient time. However, they never used any pacific name for it and there is not any record found to eat this sauce with pasta.

Giovanni Cantisano and his wife Assunta was started a company and named Ragu Packing Company in New York. The company was started in the year 1937. After the starting of this company, Uniliver acquired the distribution rights of this company

At the end of 18th ragu coupons century, one written recipe found which proves, that a meat sauce was the part of the meal and it served along with pasta. The name of this sauce was Ragu. In the year 1937, the Ragu sauce was started to manufacturing. Currently there are many fans of this yummy meat based sauce in America. This sauce is available in America under the brand name Unileaver. Before Uniliver, Lipton and Bestfoods companies were the official distributors of Ragu sauce.

Now the Ragu sauce has become one of the important parts of American cuisine. From the starting company used the slogan for its advertisement ‘That’s Italian’. The taste of Ragu is still same as before but the style of its consuming is changed. At present, it has transformed to Italian from American, now it is an Americanized Italian sauce.

Ragu sauce is available in market in different consistencies. You can get this sauce as Chunky styled sauces, bold Robusto sauces, and Old world Style sauces. You can also purchase Ragu sauce as organic and light pasta sauces. Ragu sauce has a variety of pasta sauce.

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